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Pioneer and global leader, we are the only able to provide the complete solution, starting from the concept up to the automation.

BSC and KPI Scorecard

Strategic Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
Hundreds of implementations, comprehending over than 30 countries. The total alignment of the organization with the Strategy and Vision.
KPI Scorecard
This powerful applicative, communicates, monitors and analyses the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the organizations.

We were the pioneers in the BSC automation. Once again we are innovating, bringing the GENTIA BSC CoreVersion™ that is a version for very quick implementation and very low cost, but keeping the powerful content of the Balanced Scorecard. 45 days is the average time for implementation.
Gentia do Brasil Products Customers
With five years in Brazil, we provide Consulting for development and implementation of Balanced Scorecard and Enterprise Performance Management solutions, counting with several cases of success. The complete solution is our standard, starting from the concept consensus, the construction of the strategic map, the Automation with the SPImpact, up to the operation of BSC, setting and Training the team and executives that will lead the implementation.
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